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Graduation & Beyond

Path 2 Success

Ensuring High School Graduation and Successful Life Skills

enFAMILIA Path to Success is a culturally diverse program that ensures each student successfully passes to the next grade level, along with receiving the tools needed to succeed in life through academic assistance, social support through enrichment activities such as arts and sports, and one on one mentorship.

Our Vision is to see every student who participates in the P2S after school program graduate high school and develop their skills to achieve their college/career goals.

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Path 2 Success Goals

  • 100% Graduation

    100% of participating students will graduate from High School/ passed to the next grade level.

  • 100% Participation

    Total of 120 participating in P2S/HBEAS with a 30% of students with Haitian and African American ethnicity.

  • Social Skills & Behavior

    85% of Students will show improvement in social skills and behavior.

  • A Path to Success

    100% of the students will be retained in P2S until they graduate from High School.

  • Arts and Enrichment

    100% of the students will participate in enrichment programs such as arts and sports.

Program Objectives

  • Program Attendance

    Participating students will attend the afterschool program at a minimum of 2-3 times a week.

  • Community Resources

    Students and family will receive services and resources from the community.

  • Progress Reports

    Student demonstrate academic development by providing progress reports and/or report cards.

  • Mentor Program

    Student Advocates will follow up with student and family to build a long term relationship as a mentor.

  • Active Participation

    Students will be active participants in their home and community and learn responsibilities for their actions.

About enFAMILIA Programs

Enriching the quality of life through education and the arts.

enfamilia-logo-x2enFAMILIA’s mission is to promote healthy family relationships and to enrich the quality of life through education and the arts.

enFAMILIA, Inc. was incorporated in September of 2000 to provide educational programs to help improve and preserve family life for a large population of migrant farm workers and low-income families living in Deep South Miami-Dade County.

This area includes Homestead, Florida City, Leisure City and Naranja.  The community in Deep South Dade is characterized by factors such as poverty, low education, discrimination, cultural prejudices and immigration laws, all of which have contributed to some of the social problems enFAMILIA addresses. In addition, teen pregnancy and lack of teen parenting skills are, unfortunately, common in this community. Learn more here.

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